It’s October 1st tomorrow

This is a big deal

because assuming I don’t get fired for being late at Starbucks

and assuming I got enough hours (which I really think I did)

I now have Starbucks health insurance.

which means…. I can get medicated again for bipolar which I’m ashamed of.

And trans stuff is covered as far as I know.

My life needs getting together.

For many reasons.

I am now manic because it is almost the first among other things.

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Who let they uncle out the house???

He jiggin’ though!

"When you white but the hood fuck with you heavy"

I’m 1000000% here for this. He is living right na

yo this dude having the time of his fucking life yo


love you boy. :P

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Guys, look. They finally made a baby stroller for wheelchair-bound mothers. This is so important.




Why you should follow Denny’s on Tumblr

I once ran a campaign where all the party wanted to do was go to Denny’s and it was so frustrating they wouldn’t solve mysteries the world was literally blowing up around them but grand slams they would flock to and at one point they decided they would leave Denny’s because they were tired of being at Denny’s and you know what they did they drove to another Denny’s it was literally the worst the apocalypse was totally on and they wanted pancakes and grand slams and bacon milkshakes and I just sat there going “I spent like eight months making up this story guys”

this is the best post


Styles by the wonderful @projectaunyx

so um like……. is anyone else dying because kathryn prescott is about to have her own series?! I missed her face!

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